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Are you looking to eat better and want a nutritionist in Kilkenny to guide you? We have curated the ultimate list for you with the best nutritionists in Kilkenny. Nutritionists can work with you to teach you more about nutrition, food and health. Working with a nutritionist may involve introducing a meal plan to improve your nutrition to gain a healthy relationship with food.

The following is the list:

1. Nutri Vive

Nutri Vive kilkenny
Nutri Vive

Address: 49 John Street Upper, Highhays, Kilkenny, R95 XF83

Contact: 087 680 2248


About: Nutri Vive is based in Kilkenny. They offer many services such as nutritional plans, consultations and weight management. Sports nutrition is also available.

Reviews for Nutri Vive Kilkenny:

Where do I start, this company is absolutely fantastic. I have been having gut issues on and off for years. Following their advice I have seen a significant improvement in my health. They really know what they’re talking about and I have found Chloe so knowledgable and helpful. I had tried to self-diagnose myself and what I should have done was go to a proper dietician in the first place. I can’t thank them enough 🙂 – Gareth L.

2. Beoga Nutrition

Beoga Nutrition kilkenny
Beoga Nutrition

Address: 4-5 Parliament St, Gardens, Kilkenny, R95 WA4A 

Contact: 086 834 5563


About: Beoga Nutrition is located in Kilkenny. They offer individualised consultations that last 90 minutes long. You will receive a diet plan and list of supplements to take after the consultation.

Reviews for Beoga Nutrition:

Fantastic, personalised nutritional program. Really helped me turn my personal health around. – Mark C.

Jenny & Linda are very professional and pleasant to deal with. Would recommend them! – Robbie O’M.

3. Conscious Performance

Conscious Performance kilkenny
Conscious Performance

Address: Bohernatounish Rd, Gallowshill, Kilkenny

Contact: 089 432 2369


About: Conscious Performance is based in Kilkenny. They offer nutritional guidance and coaching for endurance runners, cyclists, triathletes and pentathletes.

4. Nadura Clinic

Nadura Clinic kilkenny
Nadura Clinic

Address: Unit 5, Villiage Business Centre, Upper Patrick St, Deansground, Kilkenny, R95 YA7X

Contact: 083 448 9448


About: Nadura Clinic is based in Kilkenny. They offer services such as sports performance nutrition. You will receive a diet plan and list of supplements to incorporate into your diet.

Reviews for Nadura Clinic:

We at home have being work with Lee and the team for 6 months and it is fantastic that the average person can access to info ,products ,testing that was normally unavailable to professional athletes There is no where that gives you the true care that is required to achieve optimum health. – Chris O’C.

nutrition plan and learnt more about nutrient timing and advanced macronutrient cycling. I also had Athlete DNA analysis and gained incredible valuable insights into my individual gene alterations and how they affects my performance. As a sport science grad & medical student it’s great to have a clinic offer objective scientific data that I know has aided my Sports Performance. Lee has really helped me modify my nutrition, lifestyle and supplement regime to optimise performance both mentally in the hospital and physically during Performance. I highly recommend this clinic ��� – Niall T.

Great team and fantastic support for whatever your challenge – Marc F.

5. The Factory

The Factory
The Factory

Address: Hebron Industrial Estate, Unit 6, Kilkenny, R95 XE19

Contact: 083 018 9234


About: The Factory is a gym in Kilkenny. They have a nutritionist available at their gym. Nutritional coaching is available after an initial consultation. It promises to build muscle or lose fat depending on your goals.

6. Optimal Health Performance

Optimal Health Performance
Optimal Health Performance

Address: Rathclough House, Skeaghaturrish, Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny

Contact: 087 711 2046


About: Optimal Health Performance has some of the best nutritionists in Kilkenny. They offer services such as dietary coaching and performance nutrition. Weight loss packages are also available.

Optimal Health Performance:

Knowing that you had constant support that was just a text message away really helped in achieving my goals. The plan is not a short term fix but a long term lifestyle change. The recipes are so easy to make and taste great too! – Caoimhe C.

Personal 121 sessions and regular support. Open hours perfect to suit all commitments. – Fiona C.

Nutritionists in Ireland

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