Nutritionists Ireland

Ireland has several excellent nutritionists around Ireland. If you are having gastro issues or just want a better overall diet then we have the best nutritionist in your location to help you.

What Should You Look For in a Nutritionist?


Nutritionists should have relevant qualifications and not just learn from reading online. Some may have completed programs and courses and even specialised in a particular area.


You want to have a good relationship with your nutritionist. Some can be a bit harsh to you, and it doesn’t help when someone acts like that. You want someone there to help you and when you struggle to motivate you and get back on track rather than criticising you.


If you have diabetes, heart disease or an allergy, you may benefit from working with a nutritionist who specialises in that area. They may have studied that illness in detail and have a process to help people suffering from a particular disease.

Overall Value

Overall your nutritionist should add value to your life. If you are someone struggling with weight or what you eat, it’s great to have someone to build a strategy with and someone who knows what they’re talking about.

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