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Are you looking to eat better and want a nutritionist in Galway to guide you? We have curated the ultimate list for you with the best nutritionists in Galway. Nutritionists can work with you to teach you more about nutrition, food and health. Working with a nutritionist may involve introducing a meal plan to improve your nutrition to gain a healthy relationship with food.

The following is the list:

1. Glenville Nutrition

Glenville Nutrition galway
Glenville Nutrition

Address: The Long Walk, Galway

Contact: (091) 726 344


About: Glenville Nutrition is based in Galway. They offer services such as nutritional consultations and weight management.

2. Maev Creaven Nutrition

Maev Creaven Nutrition galway
Maev Creaven Nutrition

Address: The Resting Tree Holistic Centre, 18 Sandyford Business Centre, Bohermore, Galway 

Contact: 086 127 8511


About: Maev Creaven Nutrition is located in Galway. She offers services such as consultations and weight management. Health issues such as acne, diabetes and digestive problems are all tackled.

Reviews for Maev Creaven Nutrition:

I cant believe the difference of how changing my diet has impacted how I feel every day. I had never heard of SIBO before and thought my digestive issues were something I had to put up with! My digestive health has never been better and lost of 13lbs. – Helen B.

Maev helped me after years of taking antibiotics for my skin and digestive system. Over the programme I learned how to eat the right foods for my symptoms and learn that inflammation and gut imbalances were driving my acne and stomach issues. – Sinead P.

3. Niamh Burke Nutrition

Niamh Burke Nutrition galway
Niamh Burke Nutrition

Address: The Meadows, Old Ballybrit Road, Ballybrit, Galway

Contact: 087 232 1377


About: Niamh Burke Nutrition is based in Galway. She offers nutritional therapy. Specialises in helping females aged 40 and older.

4. Tara Canning Nutrition

Tara Canning Nutrition galway
Tara Canning Nutrition

Address: Mindbody Clinic Deerpark Business Centre Near exit 17, Oranmore, Co. Galway

Contact: 087 907 4701


About: Tara Canning Nutrition is located in Galway. She offers many services such as nutritional consultations, healthy recipes and food intolerance testing.

Reviews for Tara Canning Nutrition:

I cannot recommend Tara highly enough. I approached her with tiredness and fatigue problems and slightly over-weight. The interest Tara took in me immediately was encouraging and convinced me to follow her ideas. Tara took my information, listened, and provided me with a plan. The beauty of the plan was it was not rigid and I had lots of options for my diet. Basically, she provided me with lists of healthy food and recipes that I would like and introduced me to foods I never knew off. The result after one week alone…..9lbs lost and practically no exercise done, and my energy levels increased dramatically, as has my sleep. Two sessions is all it took for my lifestyle change with Tara and I still enjoy some of the ‘luxuries’ I thought I may have to stop.
Can’t recommend Tara highly enough!! – Fergal C.

I came to see Tara for a very painful condition to avoid surgery I was scheduled for.
She asked me lots of questions all around to gather a holistic view of my health and lifestyle and my condition. Tara suggested different solutions such as products, recipes, nutritional advice and more to maximise the chances of a recovery without surgery. I got the suggested products from the renowned herbalist Dr. Clare Dilis and within days I was mostly pain free! Months and months I was troubled by the worst pain in my life for most of the day. Even though it has been a very lengthy process for me to gain back normality, with the help from Tara it improved so much so quickly. I’m beyond grateful to say that alternative medicine and professional advice brought such an immense relief so soon after my appointment with Tara! Thank you! – Helen.

Tara was excellent to work with. Asked all the right questions initially and explained the results of my food allergy test thoroughly, providing me with food substitutes and a detailed elimination process and re introduction of foods. Highly recommend Tara to anyone. – Cormac L.

5. Clinical Dietitian

Clinical Dietitian
Clinical Dietitian

Address: Dock Rd, Galway

Contact: 087 657 6610


About: Clinical Dietitian is located in Galway. They offer many services diet plans for sports performance, gut health, women’s health and general health.

6. Feel Well Nutrition

Feel Well Nutrition
Feel Well Nutrition

Address: 58 Dominick St Lower, Galway, H91 T2P3



About: Feel Well Nutrition has one of the best nutritionists in Galway. Sinead offers services such as consultations and personalised meal plans.

Reviews for Feel Well Nutrition:

Super service. So thorough. Would highly recommend investing in a session with Sinead. – Jan H.

7. Advanced Health

Advanced Health  galway
Advanced Health

Address: Poll na Clough, Moycullen, Co. Galway

Contact: (091) 555 025


About: Advanced Health is located in Galway. They offer services such as nutritional therapy, food intolerance tests and consultations.

Reviews for Advanced Health:

If you looking to get healthy that is the place you should call in. – Damian W.

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