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Are you looking to eat better and want a nutritionist in Kildare to guide you? We have curated the ultimate list for you with the best nutritionists in Kildare. Nutritionists can work with you to teach you more about nutrition, food and health. Working with a nutritionist may involve introducing a meal plan to improve your nutrition to gain a healthy relationship with food.

The following is the list:

1. Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition kildare
Health & Nutrition

Address: 2 The Green, Johnstown, Johnstown Manor, Co. Kildare, W91 P145

Contact: 086 601 6701


About: Health & Nutrition is based in Kildare. They offer many services such as food intolerance testing, nutritional consultations and weight loss coaching. Recipes are also available on the website.

Reviews for Health & Nutrition:

Fiona offered great advice on food intolerances and on alternatives foods to the many intolerances that showed up. She’s also followed up to see how I’m doing. I haven’t had to wait for lengthy periods to get appointments to see her. Excellent service👍 – Fiona C.

Fiona is professional and caring and a real expert in Nutrition and health. She has genuine interest in each and every client’s welfare and thrives on helping them reach their individual goals. I would have no problem recommending her services. 10 out of 10 👍🏻 – Keith R.

Fiona advised my nutrition and dietary program as part of the “Clane Get Fit” program which I was part of over two six week spells. She gave us all a group recipe and advice pack as well as providing individual, tailored advice to each of us. She was extremely professional and informative and also realistic about what we could expect to achieve in that time. While the program is now over I still remember Fiona’s basic principles on a daily basis. – James L.

2. Natalie Strachan

Natalie Strachan kildare
Natalie Strachan

Address:  Sallins Rd, Oldtown Demesne, Naas, Co. Kildare

Contact: 089 256 1500


About: Natalie Strachan is one of the best nutritionists in Kildare. She is also a dietitian. Consultations for general nutrition information and consultations for picky eaters are available.

Reviews for NZS Nutrition:

I reached out to Nat a couple of months ago when my baby started eating solid food. I desperately needed advice on allergies, nutritional information and how to best feed my baby. Nat was incredible! We had a couple of video chats about my concerns and what I wanted to achieve from our time. She sent me a comprehensive email, detailing everything I needed to know plus more. Nat went out of her way to include things I hadn’t thought about and her follow up advice has been invaluable. I keep in touch with Nat, not only because her professional advice has been outstanding but also because she is friendly and warm. Thank you Nat. – Leanne B.

3. Wholesome Nutrition

Wholesome Nutrition kildare
Wholesome Nutrition

Address: Parklands Rise, Railpark, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Contact: 086 897 1712


About: Wholesome Nutrition is located in Kildare. They provide many services such as weight loss programmes, digestive issues and nutritional consultations. 6 week group plans and individual plans are also available.

Reviews for Wholesome Nutrition:

I found AnnMarie while researching ways to improve my diet to help support my Thyroid, deal with indigestion and general wellbeing. From the start AnnMarie was so pleasant, very easy to chat to and incredibly knowledgable about nutrition, food and supplements. Throughout our sessions AnnMarie made really helpful suggestions on foods to substitute and supplements to take with a particular focus on balancing hormones and sugar cravings. With the result that I was able manage an issue I’d been having with indigestion with simple dietary changes and no longer needed to take medication for that issue. Following AnnMarie’s advice I feel much better in general, more energy, sleeping better, no indigestion. I am so appreciative of her advice and knowledge which has had a very positive impact on my life. Thank you AnnMarie. – Grace K.

I reached out to AnnMarie when I had digestive disorders and food intolerance. This had been going in for long and affecting my daily life. AnnMarie was pleasant to chat with and I felt very comfortable to talk about my problems. She offered professional help and it didn’t take long for me to see changes with my digestive system. She even prepared for me healthy and tasty meal plans. Thank you so much Annmarie😊 – Chamaine M.

4. Vitale Nutrition

Vitale Nutrition kildare
Vitale Nutrition

Address: Unit 4A, M4 Business Park, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, W23 HC93

Contact: 087 247 7935


About: Vitale Nutrition is based in Kildare. They provide services such as nutritional consultations, weight loss programmes and food intolerance testing. Initial consultation fee is 30 euros.

5. Julia Carroll

Julia Carroll kildare
Julia Carroll

Address: Knock Na Moe, Brannockstown, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 WKD3

Contact: 086 783 9236


About: Julia Carroll is a nutritionist based in Kildare. She offers services such as golf nutrition, sustainable weight management and nutrition talks.

6. Nadura Clinic

Nadura Clinic
Nadura Clinic

Address: Vista Primary Care, Primary Care Psychotherapy, Ballymore Rd, Naas, Co. Kildare

Contact: 083 448 9448


About: Nadura Clinic is located in Kildare. They offer sports performance nutrition. This includes a personal meal plan and a list of vitamins to take.

7. Sharon Nutrition And Kinesiology

Sharon Nutrition And Kinesiology
Sharon Nutrition And Kinesiology

Address: Unit F1, Maynooth Business Campus, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, W23 V8YR

Contact: 086 408 8771


About: Sharon Nutrition And Kinesiology is based in Kildare. She offers services such as nutritional therapy. This includes a personalised diet plan and lifestyle advice.

Reviews for Sharon Nutrition And Kinesiology:

Sharon is approachable, knowledgeable and great at what she does. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment. A healthier, happier you awaits- Alan F.

8. Isabelle Baz Nutrition

Isabelle Baz Nutrition
Isabelle Baz Nutrition

Address: Deep Health Wellness Centre, Dublin Rd, Donaghcumper, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

Contact: 086 602 3442


About: Isabelle Baz Nutrition is located in Kildare. She offers services such as 1 to 1 programmes, consultations and online programmes. Recipes are available on the website.

Nutritionists in Ireland

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