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If you’re new to yoga or you’re a yoga lover then you need to invest in a yoga mat for all your stretches. Regular Yoga will improve your mental health, reducing your stress. It also aids your physical health by improving mobility. If you’re a runner or into sports yoga is a great way to fend off injuries so a good yoga mat is central to this.

You should look at investing in a yoga mat that offers support. You don’t want to start your stretches and find yourself sliding around the math. There are a number of different yoga mats on the market now. We have compiled a list of yoga mats with varying styles and colours.

The Best Yoga Mats to Buy Online

What To Look For in a Yoga Mat

There are a massive amount of yoga mats available online. They are usually made from either rubber or latex which provide a stickier surface for your hands and feet to keep you in one position. You should avoid wearing shoes when using a yoga mat and complete your stretches barefoot so you don’t damage the yoga mats.

There are a few key areas you should look at when buying a yoga mat/ They are the following:

Grip: This is an important part of a yoga mat both on top and the underside of the yoga mat. The yoga mat is no good to you if you can’t do the downward dog without slipping. You should look at yoga mats that are made from sticky materials, such as rubber or a non-slip coating. Your yoga mat should be able to lie flat on any surface from tiles to a wooden floor.

Durability: Your yoga mat will not be used for high-intensity workouts or for dumbbells like an exercise mat would be but it should be left unmarked after stretches without any rips or dents in the material.

Support: You should look for a yoga mat that is thick enough to protect your back from hard floors. There’s nothing worse than doing a stretch on your back and feeling the hard floor, it’s super uncomfortable. You don’t want a cushioned yoga mat either or you will literally sink into it. Yoga mats between 4mm and 6mm are the perfect thickness to support your body.

Portability: You can do yoga anywhere and people tend to bring their mat with them if they’re going to a yoga class or going on a trip. You should look for thinner mats that roll up easily. They should also have a strap for you to carry it if you want to get in a yoga session at your local park.

You may also want to look at yoga mats that are sustainable and made of recyclable materials.

Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga For Legs

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Releief

Morning Yoga Stretches

Yoga Mat Basics

The more expensive a yoga mat is the higher the quality yoga mat you are getting. They tend to be priced fairly. They typically last longer than a budget mat. Another selling point for expensive yoga mats is that they are usually manufactured with environmentally friendly production ,methods and materials. If you are concerned about what your yoga mat is made of then read the product description.

You may see a stunning floral design for a yoga mat and want to buy it but what you really want to look for in a yoga mat is quality and not how it looks.

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