Resistance Bands For Sale

You may have been told to use resistance bands when you had an injury. Resistance bands are often used in rehabilitation training when someone is returning from an injury. But now more and more people are incorporating them into their workouts.

Unlike machines in the gym or weights, they are very straightforward and simple pieces of equipment. The bands are a rubbery texture and come in a variety of colours, sizes, strengths and lengths. They are a great way to fire up those muscles during your workout.

The main benefit of resistance bands is that they are so versatile and portable. It makes them an important piece of equipment for those on the go. Even if you want to get in a few stretches on your break in the office you can use a resistance band.

The band creates resistance which makes the muscles work. When you use them it will make the muscles contract giving you more bone and muscular strength. You can target a variety of muscle groups all over your body with resistance bands which makes them such an important piece of equipment to have both at home and when you go to the gym.

The Best Resistance Bands to Buy Online

Guide to Buying Resistance Bands

There are a huge variety of resistance bands on the market. We have curated a number of tips on things you should consider when purchasing your bands for training.

Buy a Variety of Bands

When buying bands you will see that they’re colour-coded according to their tension level. You should have at least three which include: light, medium and heavy.

Buy Comfortable Bands

Some bands can be made out of hard plastic making them very uncomfortable to grasp nevermind workout with them for an hour. You should aim to buy bands that have padded handles and ensure you don’t have to swap out the handles.

Keep it Basic

You will see that there are a range of different bands available from figure 8’s to circular bands. If you’re new to using resistance bands then stick with the basics and purchase a basic long tube with handles. Once you become more experienced with them you can look at buying other bands to get a variety of them

Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

Back Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Using Resistance Bands

No matter what fitness levels you’re at you can benefit from and use resistance bands. As we said earlier they are a great addition to your collection of fitness equipment. They can be amazing for targeting stabilizing muscles which typically do not get any work. They are great for working the muscles in the glutes which helps you stabilise your quads for when you’re out running or walking, which is why runners love them.

There are lots of great exercises to do with the resistance bands. When incorporating them into a workout you should do 4-5 different exercises of 12-15 reps each. You should repeat these reps 3 times. You should really push yourself. If you feel like it’s not working your muscles and it’s too light grab another resistance band which will give you a harder challenge.

Example of Workouts

There is a range of different workouts you can do with resistance bands which include:

  • Resistance Band Bicep Curl
  • Resistance Band Bent-Over Row
  • Resistance Band Chest Fly
  • Resistance Band Good Morning
  • Resistance Band Chest Press
  • Resistance Band Glute Bridge
  • Resistance Band Lat Pulldown
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