Kettlebells For Sale

Kettlebells are a highly useful piece of equipment for both fat loss and body toning. Kettlebells have the benefit of increasing core strength and targeting muscles that both dumbbells and barbells cannot reach.

Kettlebells have a unique shape in that they look like a cast-iron bowling ball with a handle on the top. They come in a variety of weights and sizes just like dumbbells. They can also be colourful from a pink shade to a blue.

Kettlebells have increased in popularity in recent years especially the last 2 with home workouts becoming ever so popular. They can be quickly adopted and are a form of resistance training for all genders that are effective for fat loss.

If you did a lot of cardio before you will start to see results faster with kettlebells. They offer better overall strength than just doing cardio alone.

The Best Kettlebells to Buy Online

Guide to Buying Kettlebells

If you take a look on Amazon you will see a range of different kettlebells. It can be confusing on what to purchase. We will explain what to look for when buying kettlebells and what kettlebell weights you need. When buying kettlebells you can choose from a range of them which includes:

  • Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Kettlebells with a Gorilla Face

Kettlebells can be used in a range of different exercises. We love using them as they are so versatile. You can do exercises such as Single arm deadlift, single-leg deadlift and slingshot.

There are a few kettlebells that we recommend. If you want to take your kettlebell training seriously then you should be buying a kettlebell that will not damage your forearms, wrists or cut your hands. There are 2 main kettlebell types to choose from.

1. Cast Iron Kettlebells

The cast iron kettlebell is one of the most popular. It is produced from a solid piece of metal, unlike the competition kettlebell. The size will increase with the weight. The handles are quite wide so that you can use two hands if needed. These kettlebells are great for beginners as you need two hands on the handle.

2. Competition Kettlebells

Competition Kettlebells are universally colour coded to indicate the different weights. This is helpful as you can find the weight that you need in an instant. Competition kettlebells are different in that they are all the same size regardless of the weight. The handle diameter is typically smaller than that of a cast iron kettlebell.

Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Lower Body Ketllebell Workout

Kettlebell Back Workout

Kettlebell Core Workout

How to Use Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a fun and versatile piece of equipment that you can add to any of your workouts. They can help get your heart rate up with some cardio while also adding in some weights to improve your strength and endurance.

There is a range of different movements that are fantastic exercises for anyone using a kettlebell. These exercises include the:

  • The Kettlebell Deadlift
  • The Kettlebell Swing
  • The Goblet Squat
  • The Farmer’s Carry
  • The Turkish Get-Up

These are all brilliant moves to get the most out of your new kettlebells. If you want to learn more about them then search for videos online and there are lots of helpful instructional videos to guide you through your new exercise.

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