Best Personal Trainers in Kildare

personal trainers in kildare

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in Kildare? We have created the best list for you to hit your goals and reach new highs by finding personal trainers in Kildare. Personal trainers can help with nutrition, training plans and keeping you on track with your fitness goals. So what are you waiting for contact a personal trainer in Kildare today!

The following is the list:

1. KH Fitness

KH Fitness
KH Fitness

Address: Kilbelin, Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Contact: 087 151 8181


About: KH Fitness is based in Kildare. It was founded by Kevin Hoare. Kevin is a personal trainer and offers online personal training. He offers guaranteed results, 1 to 1 coaching, personalised nutrition and training plan and 24/7 support. They deliver results in a way that you want with an enjoyable process unlike others.

Reviews for KH Fitness:

I started with Kevin back in March of this year – the best way I can explain what I needed help with it is balance. During lock down my routine had gone so I needed help getting back on track and I’m so glad I went to Kevin. Yes I wanted to lose some weight but it was more so to figure out a long term way of taking care of myself and maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle. Kevin really listens and prioritises what your goals are long term – everyone wants a quick fix but I really learned with my time with him slow and steady wins the race. I do feel better physically but mentally I feel amazing. I highly recommend Kevin as a coach to anyone no matter what stage you may be at in your weight loss journey , competition / photo shoot prep , or lifestyle change – highly professional and genuine. – Rachel O.

Kevin is a brilliant personal trainer who can cater to all levels of expertise. The level of care I received from Kevin as a client was excellent. My nutrition and training plans were so manageable and tailored specifically for me. He gave detailed explanations for every decision that was made, whether it was a nutrition change or an update to one of my workouts. I could message him at any time with questions, and he would always check in to see how my week had been. The process felt really collaborative, we were working together to find a plan that best fit my needs and lifestyle. I have learnt so much from the experience and I’m delighted with my progress. I would highly recommend for anyone questioning whether personal training is for you, take this as a sign! – Niamh B.

I’ve been working with Kevin for countless months now and he’s simply an incredible trainer/ online coach. I joined KH fitness hoping to lose a little weight but the service Kevin brings has kept me as a permanent client. I’m self-employed and find it hard to fit fitness into my life unless I have Kevin holding my accountable. So far I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and continuing to progress. Highly recommend Kevin. Great guy and service. – Zachery O’R.

2. DC Fitness

DC Fitness
DC Fitness

Address: Unit 5, Monread Commercial Park, Monread Rd, Maudlings, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 EY86

Contact: 087 363 7944


About: DC Fitness is located in Kildare. It is run by a personal trainer named Declan Cronin. Declan offers personal training and fitness classes. Declan and his team are all fully qualified.

Reviews for DC Fitness:

Great setup. Lovley PT. Very professional and friendly – Babs D.

I’m not long with Declan at DC Fitness myself, just on my week 4 with him & I can say honestly, I’m glad our paths crossed! I was never hugely into fitness at all, and never had the patience to workout properly, eat healthy & wait for the results to slowly show. Nope, I wanted it to all happen overnight! Ever since joining DC Fitness; I’ve never felt happier in working out properly, eating healthy & actually having the patience of watching my weight loss disappear in a safe way. My confidence has really been given a boost, I’m more energised, feeling good about myself now internally & externally and all in just a short time! I didn’t think I’d last a month at all, as I always gave up when it came to putting in effort in exercising & working out, but I’m delighted I’m still with him working on achieving my goals! Highly recommend, 100% 🙂 – Rita M.

Declan is a thought leader and innovator in his industry … Highly recommended! – Paul M.

3. Danny Casey Personal Trainer

Danny Casey Personal Trainer
Danny Casey Personal Trainer

Address: Unnamed Road, Monread South, Naas, Co. Kildare

Contact: 087 066 4826


About: Danny Casey Personal Trainer is based in Kildare. Danny is qualified and offers personal training in a 1 to 1 setting. Danny assesses every client first then creates a personal training plan and nutrition plan for each client. Danny also offers group training for anyone who wants to train with a partner. Some reasons clients come to Danny is for strength and conditioning, circuit training and weight loss. Your journey with Danny will include nutrition and exercise planning and will be tailored to your goals whether it be gaining muscle mass, losing fat or anything else.

Reviews for Danny Casey Personal Trainer:

I have been training with Danny for several years. It has been fun and versatile. Depending on what I wanted to focus on, he adapted the training program to suit my needs. He is genuinely enthusiastic about fitness and health and has supported me all along my journey to a fitter and healthier me, not just training, but advice and support. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him … – Miriam C.

I started with Danny in 2015 with the aim to lose some body fat and increase my energy. His classes surpassed my expectations and I am now in the best shape I have been in in years, my body fat has reduced from 29% to 19.8% in my time working with him. If you are the wrong side of 50, Danny is the man to help you get in shape. – Martin C.

Trained with Danny in Spencer dock over a number of years. Fantastic PT. Classes always different and really enjoyable. Danny is very knowlegable and really commited to his clients. Cant reccomend enough. Great guy too ! – Stephen K.

Best Personal Trainers in Ireland

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