The Restored Hex Dumbbells – 7.5kg (Set of 2 Weights)


Our dumbbells are supremely versatile, allowing you to complete a variety of strength-training exercises that target specific muscle groups or your entire body. They’re designed with practicality in mind, with hexagon-shaped heads to prevent rolling and a rubber coating to prevent scuffs and scratches on your hard floors.



About The Restored Hex Dumbbells

  • Ideal for Home Fitness: Perfect for whole-body strength training, our versatile dumbbells offer quality comparable to commercial gym equipment – at a cost for home use
  • Long-Lasting Durability: These weights for men and women are constructed from the highest-quality materials, including solid cast iron and non-toxic rubber
  • Won’t Scuff Your Floors: While bare-iron or steel weights can scratch and dent your floors, our dumbbells are coated with sturdy rubber to provide a cushion against drops and scrapes
  • Smart, Functional Design: Our dumbbells feature hexagonal heads to prevent them from rolling away. Plus, the ergonomic handle has diamond-shaped knurling to ensure a safe and secure grip during your workout
  • Choose Your Size & Weight Level: These premium weights are available in multiple sizes to match your current level of strength and support your future fitness goals. Pairs: 2 x 2.5kg, 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 7.5kg, 2 x 10kg. Then singles: 1 x 12.5kg, 1 x 15kg, 1 x 17.5kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 22.5kg, 1 x 25kg, 1 x 27.5kg, 1 x 30kg
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