METIS Neoprene Kettlebells 10kg


Combining a cast iron interior with a non-slip neoprene exterior allows for excellent grip – even when wet.

Sold individually or as a complete set, these professional kettlebells are available in weights ranging from 4kg – 20kg.

The handle is an optimal distance away from the bell to ensure a full range of movement can be achieved.


About METIS Neoprene Kettlebells 10kg

  • 8 WEIGHT OPTIONS – Sold individually or as a complete set, these kettlebells are available in 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg,16kg and 20kg options. Please select your desired weight from the dropdown above.
  • HARD WEARING MATERIAL – Manufactured from cast iron for improved longevity, this durable kettlebell is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • NON-SLIP EXTERIOR – Each premium METIS Kettlebell features a latex free, non-slip neoprene exterior to improve handling and comfort during use.
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED – Equipped with a large handle that provides an ample amount of distance from the bell weight, the METIS Kettlebells will provide maximum comfort and safety.
  • MUSCLE BUILDER – The METIS Kettlebell is the ideal training aid for developing core strength and muscle due to its various weight options and ergonomic design.
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